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महासागर, नदी, वायुमंडल तथा भूविज्ञान केंद्र

The Centre was established in March 2005 with a vision to:

  • Impart quality Education in Earth System Science & Technology to meet the national requirement
  • Advance research and technology development on multi-disciplinary aspects of Environmental & Climate Sciences and Land-Ocean related subjects.
  • Become a hub in the Global network.
  • Keep the policymakers abreast of technological & scientific advancements in the field and its relevance to emerging issues.

Currently the CORAL कार्यालय and faculty chambers are housed in CWISS building temporarily. Two lecture rooms of 45 capacity each are prepared for taking lectures in the 1st floor of Hydrodynamic Laboratory of OE&NA. The visualization Laboratory (two rooms) is housed in the CRF building. A 50-meter tower with instruments (for atmospheric measurement) is installed in the Agriculture farm behind Aquaculture building



प्रोफेसर Arun Chakraborty
फोन (विभागाध्यक्ष का कक्ष) : +91-3222-282208
कार्यालय : +91-3222-282207
फोन (कार्यालय): +91-3222-281826
फोन (निवास) : +91-3222-281827, +91-3222-
ई-मेल : head @ coral.iitkgp.ernet.in

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