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A bio-process for sandalwood somatic seedling production

A catalytic system for aqueous medium polymerization of styrene and alkyl acrylates

A cellular automate (CA) based authentication device for massage communication system

A clock controlled sun tracking system for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors.

A Composition for consolidation of Dense Ceramics and Metal Compacts

A composition for forming porous bodies, in particular ceramic and metal forms and a process for the preparation thereof.

A composition for use in gelation forming of ceramics

A Continuous soil moisture recorder

A Debittered, Antioxidant Rich Pomegranate Juice

A device for cryogenic grinding of products such as spices, vegetables, food grains plastic and polymers.

A Device for Making Shaped Products from Paste / Batter Such as Pulse Based Product/ BORI

A Devise for cryogenic individually quick freezing of fish, marine product, meat fruits and vegetables

A Jacketed Scraped Surface Vessel for Kneading, Heating and concentration of High viscosity Liquids and Pastes

A Kit for use in Semi quantification of CRP Present in Whole Blood and a Process for Manufacture of the Same

A knee joint simulator

A manually operated, non-conventional energy driven protable plate moulding system.

A method for the manufacture of an elastomeric pad

A method for the preparation of lectin based immuno adjuvants

A method of fused deposition with improved bonding strength through electro chemical discharges on a substrate

A method of maintaining the zone temperature in a single zone variable air conditioning (VAVAC)

A Methods for Modularization Ship Hull

A monodisperse virtual impactor type aerosol generator

A monolayer abrasive tool used in surface grinding and a method of making the same

A Near Toll Quality Speech Coder at 2.4 Kbps

A new gate drive circuit for IGBTs and Mosfets for industrial electronics application

A Novel Approach extract C phycocyanin, A Natural Food Colourant from Nostoc Muscorum

A Novel Automatic Slope (or Angle of Inclination) Detector

A Novel Biofuel Additive for Diesel Engines

A novel bioreactor named 'SEE-SAW' Reactor and design of instrumentation part

A novel catalytic process for the preparation of diallyl Trisulfide, an Important Transformation product of Garlic useful as antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and anticancer Agent

A novel position sensor using analogue electronic devices

A Novel Processing route to Fabricate Low Cost Fused Silica Ceramic Foam

A Novel technique for Manufacture of Instant Tea

A Polymeric flocculent and its process for manufacture

A Process for continuous Production of Chhana

A process for enzymatic polishing of rice

A Process for Preparation of Al - Ti - B Master Alloys for Grain Refinement of Aluminum and its alloys

A process for preparation of master alloy for grain refinement of aluminium and its alloys

A process for preparing ammonium salt coated Cu-X zeolites

A process for producing thermo stable wide pH tolerant protease enzyme

A Process for production wear resistant cast iron by smelting reduction of waste products like red mud and sesilicated sand

A process for the manufacture of mesoporous zirconium compound

A process for the preparation low absorbing self supporting films

A process for the preparation man-sized metal molybdate particles

A process for the preparation of a graft copolymer for use as a flocculation agent

A process for the preparation of a Novel Polyurethan & its application as Membrane for Selective Separation of Organic Pollutants (Phenolic Compounds) from Aqueous Solutions by Pervaparation.

A process for the preparation of a Zirconia nanopowder

A process for the preparation of aluminum based ternary alloy

A process for the preparation of charcoal loaded with fine oxide powders

A Process for the preparation of dehydrated puffed potato cubes

A Process for the Preparation of Diarylalkane

A process for the preparation of encapsulated metal nanoparticles

A Process for the preparation of ferrous based composite

A process for the preparation of fibrillised liquid crystalline polymer in a polyether etherketone

A process for the preparation of Gallic Acid by co-culture

A process for the preparation of graft copolymers for use as a flocclating agent

A process for the preparation of graft Copolymers for use as a high performance flocclating agent

A process for the preparation of Instant fruit juice powder

A process for the preparation of magnesium aluminate powder

A process for the preparation of nanosized metal oxide particles

A process for the preparation of nanosized metal phosphate particles.

A process for the preparation of nanosized metal tungstate particles

A process for the preparation of nanosized metal vanadate particles

A Process for the Preparation of Nanosized MTiO3

A process for the preparation of optically active alpha-halo-bita-hydroxy carbonyls

A process for the preparation of pure metal form metal salts

A process for the preparation of submicron sized ceramic powders

A process for the preparation of ultra-pure porous alumina powder

A process for the preparation of ZnO nanopowder

A Process for the production of somatic seedlings of plants

A process for the removal of iron from inorganic chemicals

A process for the synthesis of capped nanocrystalline g - Fe2O3

A process for treatment of coal

A process for treatment of fly ash

A process of preparation polymer coated glass fiber mat

A process on Modification of Mat Grass for Improvement performance

A process sensing apparatus for transmitting optical signals corresponding to pressure and differential pressure

A Pumping System for Increasing Pressure of Blood or a Fluid in a Controlled and Stepwise Mode

A selective fused deposition modelling machine using electro-chemical discharge

A Sensor system for detecting Presence of Deoxidizing Gases

A Simple Environment Friendly Process for Fabrication of Highly Porous Materials

A Simple Laser Based Technique for Vibration Analysis

A soil moisture sensor for automated irrigation System

A speed controllable rotation floating disc device

A Stabilized t-ZrO2 and a Process for its Manufacture

A Stable CrO2 Nanoparticles and a Process for its Manufacture

A Starch Based Cationic Amylopectin

A Starch Based Cationic Amylopectin

A System for Compost Generation.

A System for Extraction of Essential Oil from Plans / Parts thereof Bearing Essential Oil

A Transparent Amorphous AlO(OH).aH2O Glass and process for Preparation of the Same

A Two Phase Double Vortex Atomizer

An absorbent for water arsenic removal

An adhesive composition and a process for the preparation thereof.

An apparatus for non invasive measurement of spatial parameters of a distant object

An apparatus for Plant tissue culture

An auto start up and reversible speed control apparatus

An Automated Irrigation System

An Electromagnetic Device based system for Fault Detection and Identification in Rotating Mechanical Components

An Highly Stable g-Al2O3 Messoporous structure and its Process for Manufacture

An improved apparatus for Ultrasonography using a continuous wave Doppler system

An improved portable influsing pump

An improved process for the preparation of ethanol form starchy material

An improved torque amplification device using alternation flow hydraulics and orbital rotary piston motor principle

An improved voltage and current measurement system for sparks

An infrared shaft misalignment detector

An instrument for continuous non-invasive measurement of blood pressure

An insulating Block

Automated Irrigation Controller

Carboxymethyl Cellulose Acrylate for Enteric coating and Sustained Release

Carboxymethyl Cellulose Methacrylate for Enteric coating and Sustained Release

Cell Filled Concrete Pavements


Charging Circuit for a large SC Coil for SMES - UPS System

Continuous system modeller (COSMO)

Current mode differential I/O buffer for high speed off-chip interconnect

Design and development of structured surface for the enhancement of boiling heat transfer

Design for Counter Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder

Development of A Low Cost Equipment Spray - CVD for Deposition of Oxide Films

Development of a monoclonal antibody against cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus infecting Indian saturniidae silkworms

Development of High Rate and Yield Hydrogen Production Process

Development of high yield hydrogen producing microbial strain enterobacter

Digital Slipmeter for 2 - Wheeled Drive Tractors

Electric field assisted membrane separation of pectin

Electronic Circuits for protection of S. C. Coil against over-voltages and fast detections & protection of S. C. Coil against quench

Enzymatic polishing of germinated Brown Rice

Enzymatic Transesterification of Jatropha Oil

Estimation of Tissue Antigen

Explosion Puffing Machine for Food Grains

Flexible Contact Tube for Rotation ARC GMA Welding

Flotilla Connector

Gel Analysis Image processing for estimation of protein and DNA

Grafted amylopectin for use in sprinkler irrigation systems

Granular Matrix Soil Moisture Sensor

Herbal Skin Nourishing Gel

High performance flocculants based on hydrolysed and unhydrolysed guar gum-g-polyacrylamide

High performance flocculating agents and viscosifiers based on hydrolysed grafted amylopectin and polycrylamide grafted carboxymethyl cellulose

Improved wet scrubber for simultaneous scrubbing of particulates and gaseous matters

In Vehicle Automated Falling Weight Deflectometer

Indigenously Developed Real Time Digital Simulator (POWERDRAW)

Instant Potato and a Process for Manufacturing the same

Integrated Composite Anthropometer

Karanja esterified oil an alternate fuel for C. I. Engines

Lectin Based glycoslated hemoglobin estimation kit

Low cost honey bee box

Master Alloy for modification and grain refining of hypoeutectic AI-Si based foundry alloys and its process for manufacture

Mechanical Loading - Unloading System for Tea Leaf Withering Troughs

Membrane Based Water-Extraction of Polyphenols from Green Tea Leaves

MetaBrowser (Multimedia e-Book on Brasses)

MetaBrowser - II (Multimedia e-Book on tool steels)

Method for improved production of Bast fibers using bacterial biofilm

Method of the retrieval of thin flexible peel of clastic sediments

Microcontroller based capacitance type sensor for automated measurement of infiltration rate and saturated hydraulic conductivity of Soil

Mobile Application on Tourism

Monel alloy resistant to stress corrosion crack in hydrofluoric acid

Multi - Crop Dryland Drum Seeder

New Modified Sal Leaf Plate etc. Moulding Machine Using Bio-Mass as Fuel

Optical Probe for Multiphase Flow

Overloading indicator for mechanized country boats


Percutaneous Intraluminal Vas Deferens Injection System

Plasma sprayed ceramic coatings

Polyamide Films and a process of preparing the same

Preloaded Syringe for storage and enhanced pressure delivery of viscous chemically reactive drug

reparation of mechanically ground waste rubber and useful compositions

Preparation of nano-sized titanium oxide from mineral or crude source

Preparation of sulfides of rare-earth metals

Process for microbial protease production

Process for the preparation of polysaccharide blended slow release urea

Process Technology for enriched Quick Cooking Rice

Process technology for manufacture of Dahi (Curd) Powder

Production of Mango-Milk based fruitbar

Quick setting polymer composition

Recovery of Lead metal through Green Technology

Removal of p-chlorophenol and 2,4 dichlorophenol from water by pervaporation using polyurethane urea-PMMA IPN membrane

Speed control system for mechanised country boats


Synthesis and characterization of Hydroxyapatite (HAp)/poly (Vinyl alcohol phosphate) (PVAP) Nanocomposite biomaterials

System for an intuitive, customizable, Multilingual and reconfigurable Augmentative Communication

System for measuring Thermal Conductivity of Liquid/Nanofluids

Tea production technology for non-traditional areas

Thermoplastic elastomeric composition

Tomato Powder

Tractor mounted air carrier sprayer using axial flow blower

Transparent Inorganic ZrO(OH)2.XH2O Polymer and a Process for Preparation of the Same

Use of chlorinated waste tire rubber as filler in polyvinylchloride

Virtual alloys (software)

Preparation of mechanically ground waste rubber and useful compositions

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