1 210 - T capacity portable weigh bridge for measuring wheel loads of commercial vehicles
2 Accelerated pavement test facility (installation in progress)
3 Acoustic emission device for nm. Destructive evaluation of concrete structure
4 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
5 Benkelman's beam for structural evaluation of pavements
6 Centrifuge portable gas sampler
8 Dynamic testing facilities
9 Tests on water, waste water, soil and solid wastes
10 Evaluation of binders and paving mixes
11 Impact and dynamic testing
12 Model testing of hydraulic with rigid and mobile beds for open channel flow
13 Fluid-structure interaction experimental set-up
14 Foundation models under static and dynamic environments
15 Fifth wheel bump integrator and MERLIN for measurement of road roughness
16 Automated GDS tri-axial test setup
17 Fully automated in-vehicle falling weight deflectometer for structural evaluation of pavements
18 Gas Chromatograph (GC)
19 Hydraulic flumer of different sizes
20 INSTRON machine of 100 - T dynamic loading capacity
21 Ion Analyser
22 Fatigue testing machines for evaluating the fatigue characteristics of bituminous mixes and stabili
23 OMATT - 2022 topographical survey with computerised data processing facilities
24 Remote controlled Dutch - Cone Penetrometer
25 Repeated tri axial setup
26 Servo controlled repeated load test set-up for testing pavement materials.
27 Software for geometric design of highways, analysis and design of pavements and traffic analysis
28 Stack and ambient air quality monitoring devices
29 TOC Analyser
30 Ultrasonic wave height logger
31 Ultraviolet visible Spectrophotometer
32 Laser Doppler Velocity Meter