1 Innovation Lab: I-lab is where innovations born. Innovation Lab at RMSoEE, aims to produce entrepreneurially oriented competent individuals. Each student of RMSoEE is attached with innovation laboratory from 2nd year onwards of their IIT learning journey. The lab provides a viable ecosystem for research on various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship which includes Business Intelligence, Business Architecture, and Technology Interventions for venture creation, Product Development Strategies and Quality of Services. Through innovation based practices, the lab acts as a platform for knowledge creation, maintenance and dissemination to stakeholders.
2 Incubation Ecosystem: RMSOEE being a department of entrepreneurship works in tandem with the aim of providing facilities to the entrepreneurs, with the help of STEP/TBI, TIETS and E-Cell, the different supporting agencies and numerous programs organised at IIT-Kharagpur. STEP-TIETS-TBI works as a conduit between IIT KGP and external world to facilitate technology transfer and convert research outcomes of entrepreneurs to commercially viable propositions. TBI/STEP facilitates incubation of technological ideas/technologies under development to reach market place. TIETS facilitates virtual incubation, funding for incubatees, mentoring, evaluation & prototype branding. E-Cell plays a key role in entrepreneurial ecosystem creation at IIT-KGP. E-Cell conducts the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, the largest meet in India in Entrepreneurship every year, which had luminaries from all over the world as guests. In its Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive E-Cell promotes entrepreneurship and encourage students across the country to embrace the concept of entrepreneurship. In a nutshell, the entire ecosystem facilitates... Generation of awareness about entrepreneurship and the benefits of starting up, Mentoring through experts from industry and academia, Technical support (Design, Simulations, Development and Testing), Financial support (Seed Support, Innovation, Refinement & Commercialization Grant), Legal advice, Market Information (Product Development Strategies, Business Intelligence and Business Architecture), Networking with Entrepreneurs (For Knowledge diffusion and day to day interactions), Working space for incubating new ventures and more....
3 ET article on venture incubated at IIT Kharagpur. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/science/iitians-create-solar-powered-cold-storage-with-no-running-cost/articleshow/42785006.cms
4 I-Tower: I-tower / Innovation Tower is a systematic outlet of IIT Kharagpur for productizing the research outputs. To start with, the I-tower will house mechanical and electrical workshops and assembly facilities and laboratories for carrying out innovations and prototypes in ergonomics, packaging, bio-mechanics, energy modules etc. other than a state of the art management and information science lab for taking these prototypes to the market. This will also house state of the art class rooms, faculty office, seminar and conference rooms.