महत्वपूर्ण शोध क्षेत्र
1 Business Analytics: Changing business environment and globalization demand actionable insights for effective and efficient execution of business processes. Analytics is going to play a big role in planning and decision making for business value creation. The school aims to inculcate analytical capabilities in students interested in pursuing career in business analytics and entrepreneurship. This would equip students with necessary skill sets to enable faster business decisions, designing distinctive business processes, and innovative product offerings. They can leverage their skill for performing competitive analysis and strategy formulation. The major emphasis of the school would be exploring the applications of various analytical techniques for business decision making in the key functional areas of a business such as marketing, operations, and finance. The school is also engaged in the research on modelling, simulation and optimization of innovative business models. We are offering a course in Big data Analytics in the International Summer/Winter Term (ISWT) in collaboration with national and international faculty.
2 Healthcare Service Delivery: We focus on developing innovative business models for co-creation of efficient healthcare systems. We are emphasizing upon prevention oriented approach to reduce the overall demand for the healthcare facilities. The research aims to create a preventive healthcare service delivery model, combining relevant tools and techniques from operations management, big data analytics, system dynamics, game theory, and business model development. We are in the process of forming collaborations with national and international researchers like Aalto University, Finland, in this domain for cross-disciplinary and cross-country knowledge sharing. The applicability and adaptation of various models will be assessed for Indian context. The research is expected to contribute towards reducing the burden of preventable health problems as well as effective management of various medical cases. This would ease the demand for certain types of care leading to less resource consumption and improved public health. The school would also focus on developing entrepreneurs in the area of healthcare service delivery.
3 Energy Management & Entrepreneurship: The energy platform has solutions for the energy constrained world with finite resources and inherent inefficiencies in the energy supply chain. In the context of our country, the platform encompasses conventional and non-conventional forms of energy like the photo voltaic with energy storage, solar thermal energy etc. with smart grid systems which are set to revolutionize electricity delivery system. It is an integral eco system set to find solutions for a smarter India with scopes of entrepreneurship and employment.