1 A 100 hectare farm
2 Computer Simulation & Design Lab.
3 Aquacultural tanks.
4 Agronomy Lab
5 Applied Botany Lab
6 Aquacultural Engineering Lab
7 Color, texture and chemical constituents of food
8 Concentration and drying of solid and liquid foods
9 Containerized mobile pilot plant laboratory for enzyme production
10 Dairy & Food Engineering Lab
11 Drip Irrigation and emitters test set up
12 Environmental chamber
13 Ergonomics laboratory,
14 Tractor operator workplace simulator;
15 Data acquisition system
16 Farm Machinery and Power Lab
17 Measurement of physical and chemical Properties of Biomaterials
18 Microprocessor based engine testing
19 Milling and quality analysis of rice
20 Post Harvest Engineering Lab
21 Prototype milling of rice
22 Soil Sciences Lab
23 Soil Water and Conservation Engineering Lab
24 Stability measuring facility
25 Testing of aeration efficiency of different makes of surface aerators
26 Testing of agricultural machinery and implements
27 Testing of water pollution and plant photosynthetic efficiency
28 Universal testing machine for testing of biomaterials
29 Water quality measurement of aquaculture ponds
30 Twin Screw Cooking Extruder for Food and Feed Materials
31 High Pressure Processing Laboratory
32 Overpressure Autoclave for Retort Pouch Processing
33 Automatic Kjedhal Apparatus with Titration System
34 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
35 Flash 2000 CHNS Analyszr
36 High Pressure Thin Layer Chromatography HPTLC),
37 GC-MS-HS Analyzer
38 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
39 Open Top Chambers for Crop Cultuivation
40 Rapid Fat Analyzer and Oxidation Stability Analyzer
41 Super Critical Fluid Extraction
42 Race Way Pond System Algal Mass Cultivation