1 Ship Hydrodynamics Laboratory - The laboratory consists of a towing tank 150m long, 4m wide and 2.5m deep and equipped with a towing carriage of maximum speed of 6m/sec. The towing carriage has resistance and propulsion dynamometers with NI based hardware to control the carriage speed and Labview based data acquisition system. A 2D wave maker, single paddle, wetback type with AWACS (Automatic Wave Absorption and Control System) that can generate regular and irregular waves up to 40cm wave height and up to 3 sec wave period is installed at one end of the towing tank. The laboratory has a GPRS linked, Motion Recording Unit (MRU) that can record all 6 DoF. The hydrodynamics laboratory conducts resistance, propulsion and seakeeping experiments for ship models. The laboratory also has a 3-D velocity component measuring unit (acoustic type) for measuring flow dynamics around submerged body /sediment flow. The laboratory has underwater load cells for measuring mooring loads on floating structures
2 Circulating Water Tunnel - A circulating water tunnel with a test section of 6m long, 2m wide, 1.5m deep and water speed of 1m/sec with flow control facilities enables studies of flow around floating and submerged bodies as well as measurement of sediment transportation.
3 Welding and Marine Construction Laboratory - This laboratory is equipped with various welding units, namely submerged arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, friction stir welding and gas welding. The laboratory also has a set up plate forming using line heating. The welding units have suitable computer support for data acquisition and analysis. Work carried out in this laboratory is in the area of welding simulation, residual stress, weld induced distortion and control.
4 Structure and Vibration Laboratory - The laboratory is equipped with a 50kN Universal Testing Machine complete with all accessories to carry out experiments with tensile, compressive and bending loads. The equipment also has a multipoint digital strain data logger.
5 Model Making Workshop - To support the experimental activities for the above mentioned laboratories, the Department has a well-equipped workshop to fabricate ship models and other accessories for experiments. The models are made of wax, wood, fibre glass, perspex, foam, etc.
6 The Department also has a Computational Hydrodynamics Laboratory (sponsored by Naval Research Board) and a CAD Laboratory. In addition, there are two more RS and MTech laboratories. Each research scholar is provided with a desktop computer along with required accessories including internet connection. The laboratories of the Department are equipped with various softwares like WAMIT, ORCAFLEX, NAPA, MAXSURF, MULTISURF, SHIPFLOW, CD-ADAPCO, STAAD, ANSYS, Symbols Grapher, Rhinoceros, FLUENT, Midas Civil for structural analysis, Photomodeler for programmatic measurements, ADCIRC, SACS etc. The Department is continuously upgrading the hardware and software facilities of all the laboratories with state of the art instruments and data acquisition systems.