1 4-axis CNC Wire EDM (ELEKTRA)
2 CAD: Parametric Technologies "Pro Engineer", ADAMS
3 Cast Iron and non ferrous melting furnaces
4 Computational Fluid Dynamics :Phoenix.
5 Coordinate Measuring Machine (Zeiss ,USA) 40T ,UTM (INSTRON)
6 COSMOS Software for system modelling and stimulation
7 Cupola Model & Production Units
8 Desktop Denford CNC Milling and Turning machines
9 Desktop material handling systems: Mitsubishi Movemaster Robot, Conveyors
10 Education Steam Bench System ,BOILER (CUSSONS , UK)
11 Electro Discharge Machine (ELEKTRA)
12 Equipment for Testing of Bearings
13 Finite Element Methods : ANSYS, NASTRAN, NISA
14 Grinding Dynamometer (KISTLER)
15 Heat- Flux Transducers
16 Heavy Duty Lathe (HMT)
17 Heavy Duty Milling Machine(Batliboi)
18 High Speed Motion Capture Camera System.
19 High Spindle Speed (66000 rpm) Surface Grinder
20 Hot Wire Anemometer
21 HP 712/715 Mini-computers ,Computer Graphics,Real time Computer Controlled Systems
22 HP RISC 8200/8500 based work stations.
23 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transportation Lines
24 IBM R56000 workstations.
25 Image Processing System (Zeiss and Vigilog)
26 KGP-50 Research Industrial Robot Test bed
27 Laser Processing System (BAASEL Lasertech)
28 MATLAB, Mathematica
29 Matrox Industrial vision processing system
30 Measurement Techniques for Whirl Instability of High-Speed Rotors
31 Milling Dynamometer (KISTLER)
32 Nd- YAG Laser
33 Pentium III based fully equipped CAI(Computer Aided Instructions and Simulations) Laboratory.
34 Photoclastic Bench and Instruments for Measurement of Strain
35 Pilot Plant for Fluidised-Bed Combustion
36 Plasma Spray System(METCO)
37 PUMA 560 Industrial Robot
38 Real-Time Analyser for Signals and Process Parameters
39 Sand Testing Apparatus including High-Temperature Testing
40 Schlieren Apparatus
41 Several Pentium II and Pentium III based workstations and servers.
42 Silicon Graphics workstation(R10000 based)
43 Slip-ring Remote sensing thermometers
44 Spray system
45 State of the art Laser Doppler Anemometer
46 SUN Spark workstations.
47 SYMBOLS 2000 software
48 Talysurf (Taylor Hobson)
49 Transducers and Software based identification methods in vibration testing
50 Turning Dynamometer (KISTLER)
51 Various Types of Conveyors and Elevators
52 Vertical Machining Centre (LMW)
53 Vibration Level Measurement and Diagnostics