1 AAS with FIAS
2 Aerial Photo Soil Survey
3 Assessment of groundwater potential in any region
4 Characterization of earth materials ( rock, soil, water)
5 Chemical (Major and trace elements by XRF, AAS)
6 DC signal averaging Resistivity Meter for identification of water bearing horizons
8 Facilities for examination of crushed ore/mineral products
9 Fluid Inclusion Heating-cum-Freezing Stage
10 Fluids in minerals ( Heat-treating stage)
11 Gas-Chromatograph with TOC Analyzer
12 Geophysical Tomography
13 Induced Polarization Equipment
14 Laser Raman Spectrometer
15 Magnetic anomaly detection equipment
16 Magnetotelluric Equipment to estimation of the electrical conductivity of the crust and upper mantle
17 Mcseis160 12/24 channel Seismograph
18 Model studies on seismic waves to analyse artificial earthquakes and blasts
19 Particle size analyser
20 Petrographic (Petrological Research Microscopes)
21 Radiometric prospecting and assaying in naturally occurring materials.
22 Strong motion seismology and microzonation
23 Testing of gemstones
24 Testing of water quality
25 Theme-extraction from Imagery and utilization for the evaluation of natural resources
26 Thermal (DTA / DSC)
27 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
28 Vibracorer for getting undisturbed cores of unconsolidated sediments
29 X-ray diffractometer for mineral phase analysis
30 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for rock, ore, soil refractory etc. analysis