On-going Consultancy Projects

  • Project Name : Conceptual Design of a Novel Method for Extraction of Methane Gas from Submarine Gas Hydrate by Seabed Heating
    Client : KDMIPE (ONGC)
    Consultant : Prof P Sandilya
  • Project Name : Characterization of cryochamber and soaking chamber
    Client : STNIL Cryogenics
    Consultant : Parthasarathi Ghosh
  • Project Name : Development of Gas Sweetening Technology for Removal of CO2 from Natural Gas and Industrial Gas Streams by Using Blended/Activated Amine Solvents.
    Client : Engineers India Limited (EIL))
    Consultant : Professor S.S. Bandyopadhyay
    Co-consultant(s) : Professor A.N. Samanta
  • Project Name : R & D Projects on High Temperature Superconductor Technology (RDTS)
    Client : Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
    Consultant : V. V. Rao
  • Project Name : Technical interaction and training of engineers in ORYX-GTL Plant at Doha, Qatar, 2013
    Client : ORYX-GTL, Qatar
    Consultant : Kanchan Chowdhury
    Co-consultant(s) : None
  • Project Name : Design of Support Structure for Cryogenic HTS Coil of HTSC Motor
    Client : BHEL
    Consultant : V. V. Rao (Ongoing)
  • Project Name : Discussion on feasibility of producing SO3 with pure oxygen and alternative cycle for oxygen production
    Client : Greentec India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
    Consultant : Kanchan Chowdhury
    Co-consultant(s) : None