Current Sponsored Projects

  • Project Title : Experimental Studies on High Porosity Open Cell Metallic Foam Heat Transfer (COMPLETED)
    Principal Investigator : Dr. Indranil Ghosh
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Dr. Tapas Kumar Nandi
    Sponsor : CSIR, New Delhi
  • Project Title : Analysis & Development of Conceptual Design Methodologies for Air Collection and Enrichment System of Air Breathing Propulsion-Phase II
    Principal Investigator : Professor S. S. Bandyopadhyay
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Professor K. P. Sinhamahapatra, Professor C. Guha, Jadavpur University.
    Sponsor : ISRO
  • Project Title : Radiation Heat Transfer in Open Cell Metal Foam - An Experimental Study (ON-GOING)
    Principal Investigator : Dr. Indranil Ghosh
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Prof. Tapas K. Dey
    Sponsor : CSIR, New Delhi
  • Project Title : Refurbishing a DC/RF Sputtering and development of Ferromagnetic/semiconductor hybrid structures for spintrionics
    Principal Investigator : VenimadhavA
    Sponsor : SRIC (Complteted)
  • Project Title : Fabrication of oxide multiferroic thin films by RF Magnetron Sputtering: Investigation of magnetodielectric and magnetoferroelectric properties
    Principal Investigator : Venimadhav A
    Sponsor : DST
  • Project Title : Synthesis and multiferroic properties of AFe12O19 (A= Ba, Sr) nanoparticles reinforced polymer nanocomposites for space applications
    Principal Investigator : Venimadhav
    Co-Principal-Investigators : S. Ram
    Sponsor : CSIR
  • Project Title : A bridge project aimed at the expansion of Lithium ion battery research
    Principal Investigator : S. Ghosh
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Venimadhav A
    Sponsor : SRIC
  • Project Title : Studies on novel Heusler alloys for the development of environmentally friendly thermoelectric materials
    Principal Investigator : V. Srinivas
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Venimadhav Adyam
    Sponsor : DST
  • Project Title : Investigation of Magnetoelectric and Magnetodielectric behaviour in Charge Ordered Manganite System
    Principal Investigator : Venimadhav. Adyam
    Co-Principal-Investigators : T. K Dey
    Sponsor : CSIR
  • Project Title : Design and development of perforated plate heat exchangers for cooling of gaseous helium by using liquid hydrogen
    Principal Investigator : Dr. T. K. Nandi
    Co-Principal-Investigators : --
    Sponsor : Indian Space Research Organisation
  • Project Title : Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites and Agro-fiber based Biocomposites
    Principal Investigator : Prof Tapas Kumar Dey
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Dr Indranil Ghosh
    Sponsor : Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India
  • Project Title : Design, Fabrication and Testing of Miniature Heat Exchangers and Heat Sinks (COMPLETED)
    Principal Investigator : Indranil Ghosh
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Prof. P. K. Das and Dr. Suprakash Patra
    Sponsor : CSIR, New Delhi
  • Project Title : Investigation on polymer nanocomposite for electronic packaging applications
    Principal Investigator : Prof T K Dey
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Dr Indranil Ghosh
    Sponsor : CSIR, New Delhi
  • Project Title : Na-ion rechargeable batteries, a cost effective alternative to Li-ion technology
    Principal Investigator : A. Venimadhav And S. Ghosh
    Sponsor : CSTEP
  • Project Title : Thermohydraulic simulation of LOX booster turbopump for semi-cryogenic rocket engine
    Principal Investigator : Parthasarathi Ghosh
    Co-Principal-Investigators : Arnab Roy
    Sponsor : ISRO